We are currently only shipping within Canada. Purchases over $149 are eligible for Free Shipping.


We are currently only shipping within Canada. Purchases over $149 are eligible for Free Shipping.

CBD Oil-Icy Melon (1000mg CBD)

(14 customer reviews)

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Speed your recovery and fuel your body & mind with AlphaZen’s premium CBD Oil.


CBD Oil-Icy Melon

This THC free CBD Oil from AlphaZen is perfect for those looking for a CBD Oil-Icy Melon that contains no THC. With proven quality and results, this CBD oil could be helpful for a number of reasons. Whether it be anxiety, pain, depression, sleep issues or inflammation, you are sure to love the purity and efficacy of AlphaZen’s CBD Oil. Ethically produced CBD oil, AlphaZen uses the highest quality ingredients available, delivering a consistently top-quality CBD oil. THC free.

Speed your recovery and fuel your body & mind with AlphaZen’s premium CBD Oil.

Available in 30mL bottles, 1000mg CBD

33.3mg of CBD per full dropper

14 reviews for CBD Oil-Icy Melon (1000mg CBD)

  1. Avatar of Martin


    extremely effective cbd oil. I have tried numerous brands but the flavours that these guys have created are absolutely insane. Use it to relax during stressful work days and it’s been helping me recover after strenuous workouts. Thank you guys I will be purchasing from you again

    • Enzo - AlphaZen

      Enzo - AlphaZen

      Thanks Martin for your review, we appreciate it!

  2. Avatar of Dawson


    Really effective cbd oil. Using after my training and even on rest days to clear my mind and relaxed

    • Enzo - AlphaZen

      Enzo - AlphaZen

      Thats great to hear. Our oils are very effective for post workout recovery, and mind clarity.

  3. Avatar of Ethan Li

    Ethan Li

    I had bought both peppermint and icy melon flavour to try. I am amazed by the effects of this cbd oil! Good stuff guys!

    • Dylan - AlphaZen

      Dylan - AlphaZen

      Thank you for the review Ethan. We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with our product.

  4. Avatar of Gurp


    this stuff is legit! it is well crafted and works very well

  5. Avatar of LP


    this oil works wonders for my body pain

    • Dylan - AlphaZen

      Dylan - AlphaZen

      Our mission here at Alphazen is to help people improve their quality of life; hearing this oil has helped you with body pain is amazing!

  6. Avatar of Launce Domniguez III

    Launce Domniguez III

    Just started using this product been on gummies. Will try the oil for several months and see how it goes, but the taste is amazing.

  7. Avatar of Rob Gillen

    Rob Gillen

    This was my first time trying CBD Oil and the effects are long lasting. I used to wakeup in the mornings with bad muscle soreness from working out however since I’ve been taking this product the pain has seem to disappear.

    • Dylan - AlphaZen

      Dylan - AlphaZen

      This is why we do what we do! Glad to be a part of your fitness journey, Rob.

  8. Avatar of Josh Forrester

    Josh Forrester

    Great product at a great price. Recommend to any cbd users, but I prefer the other flavours compared to this oil.

  9. Avatar of Shushanna


    The product and devilry was fast”

    • Dylan - AlphaZen

      Dylan - AlphaZen

      Thats wonderful to hear! Hope you enjoyed the oil Shushanna.

  10. Avatar of Akash Dhaliwal

    Akash Dhaliwal

    Feel Relaxed and tastes delicious

  11. Avatar of Chandan G

    Chandan G

    Decided to give a couple drops to my puppy as the product is pet friendly. Usually my dog wakes up in the middle of the night barking, but after just 5mg he was fast asleep and did not wakeup once throughout the night. Will continue to support Alphazen because of the high quality

    • Dylan - AlphaZen

      Dylan - AlphaZen

      Thats wonderful to hear Chandan! Keep an eye out for more pet friendly products releasing in the near future.

  12. Avatar of Charlotte FIeld

    Charlotte FIeld

    Been on this oil for about 4 months, and I can’t believe how effective it is for the extremely LOW PRICE! I have only tried the peppermint and icy-melon flavour – both are fantastic.

    • Dylan - AlphaZen

      Dylan - AlphaZen

      Glad to hear you are enjoying the flavours! Thank you for the stars Charlotte.

  13. Avatar of Fatima Vasquez

    Fatima Vasquez

    I was looking to ease my anxiety while still being able to focus during the day for school. This oil has been a perfect fit. I have energy, clarity, I’m sleeping better, and my anxiety is way down. I’ve had the best experience with everything from the oils to the spray. It’s all amazing and I do recommend .

  14. Avatar of michael aujla

    michael aujla

    good, delivery fast

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