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We are currently only shipping within Canada. Purchases over $149 are eligible for Free Shipping.
CBD Oil for Joint

CBD Oil for Joint & Tendonitis Pain

Introduction To CBD Oil

CBD Oil for joints has earned a lot of attention over the years, especially with its potential to treat a wide range of ailments. But while there are many different CBD products available on the market, few have been shown to be effective for treating joint and tendonitis pain. If you’re looking for something that offers long-term benefits without side effects, then look no further than this article!

Ease Inflammation For Long-Term Benefits With CBD Oil

  • CBD oil & spray: The best way to take CBD is through sublingual oil or a spray. This method allows you to absorb the active ingredients in the oil directly under your tongue, bypassing digestion and other absorption processes that might reduce its effectiveness.
  • CBD gummies: You can also find CBD gummies at many medical dispensaries, as well as online. These are especially useful if you don’t have access to a vaporizer or other products for pain relief purposes due to their convenience factor and ease of use (just pop one into your mouth!).

The Role of CBD Oil for Joint and Tendonitis Pain

Tendonitis is a condition that causes inflammation in the tissue of your tendons, causing pain and stiffness. This can happen to anyone at any time, but it’s especially common in athletes who are active and avid exercisers.

CBD oil can help with this issue because it has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, CBD oil may be able to provide relief from tendonitis symptoms such as pain and stiffness by reducing inflammation within the affected area of the body (the tendon).

There are different types of hemp-derived CBD oils available today: full spectrum (all things), isolate (pure cannabinoids only), micro-dosing(small amounts) etc… CBD isolate derived products are considered the most pure due to the fact that there is ZERO THC in these products. AlphaZen’s CBD products are all manufactured using CBD isolate, meaning you don’t need to worry about feeling “high”.

CBDs Work for Two Reasons, Receptors and Reuptake Inhibitors

The first thing to understand about the body and its cannabinoid receptors is that they’re like locks. When you lock your door, you put a key into the lock and turn it, which makes the lock go “click.” This is how cannabinoids work in your system: when you ingest CBDs or other cannabinoids, they bind to these locks on cells throughout your body (the brain, spinal cord and immune system), which then tell those cells what to do with their information—whether it be sending out signals for pain relief or keeping inflammation down.

The second thing we need to know about these receptors is that they’re also like keys: once bound by an outside substance (like cannabis), these keys open up pathways inside of our cells so that certain chemicals can flow freely through them again; this means that if there’s already been damage done due to injury or disease process before treatment began from taking cannabis products then no matter how much time passes afterwards without taking any additional treatments like anti-inflammatory drugs only causes more damage because these pathways remain blocked off permanently until something changes about how well trained our bodies become at handling certain situations such as surgery recovery process.

Cannabinoids Offer a Lot More Than Just Pain Relief

Cannabinoids are also a powerful anti-inflammatory, which means they can help reduce pain in your joints and tendons. They can also be used to treat anxiety and depression, as well as sleep disorders like insomnia.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to have anti-tumor effects on lung cancer cells in lab settings—and there are some human studies that suggest it might work even better than traditional chemotherapy drugs at fighting this type of cancer!

How to Find the Best CBD for Joint and Tendonitis Pain

CBD oil is a great way to ease inflammation and pain. By ordering through AlphaZen, They’re easy to take on the go and can be delivered right to your door!

If you’re looking for something more convenient than dropping a few drops of oil onto your tongue or adding it into water, then a sleek CBD spray or CBD gummies might be what you need. You’ll get the same benefits from all of these products!


There are many benefits to CBD for joint and tendonitis pain, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you want to get more information about why CBD works so well for joint and tendonitis pain or how it can help your lifestyle, check out the other blogs here.


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