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CBD and Weight Loss

Benefits of CBD and Weight Loss

CBD And Weight Loss: Does CBD Really Help Lose Weight?

Weight loss may be explained as a goal to reduce an individual’s body mass, body fat, or lean mass. This may be done through the use of supplements and medicines, a proper diet plan, physical fitness, or surgery. However, some of these methods seem too troublesome for others. Hence, even though physical fitness may be the best way to go, people actually wonder if CBD could aid a person in reducing weight. In this article, we will talk more about CBD and weight loss and see whether they work well together or not.


Anyone who has consumed it or cannabidiol would be aware that it is one of the very prevalent components found in the hemp plant. The other one would be THC, which is tetrahydrocannabinol, that contains the psychoactive part of the plant. This would mean that it doesn’t give you the feeling of being high, unlike taking in products with THC components. Furthermore, the use of CBD has been commonly associated with anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, etc. Furthermore, recent studies are trying to associate CBD and weight loss.

Problems When Attempting To Lose Weight

When trying to decrease body mass, there may be many struggles along the way, including how one would attempt to lose weight. A lot will have more complications if they decide to lose weight in the wrong methods, such as starvation. Moreover, this could result in more serious problems such as nutrient deficiency, slower metabolism, muscle loss, dehydration, or mental health problems. Some would even use medicine that doesn’t work, which may also cause fatal complications in the future.

CBD And Weight Loss

Since CBD is advantageous in a lot of factors, researchers also questioned whether CBD and weight loss fit together in the picture. And since the only CBD treatment that is FDA-approved is for epilepsy and seizures, you will need to be careful. 

In addition, researchers continue to look for evidence for their claims within anxiety, insomnia, and weight loss because current evidence is still not enough to support their claim. Hence, they also managed to include CBD and weight loss in overweight problems, such as diabetes and metabolic disorders.

Scientific Explanation Of CBD And Weight Loss

CBD may indeed aid you in your weight loss journey. It may be due to how your body reacts to the presence of CBD in your brain and central nervous system. Also, the effects of CBD vary through the response of your cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. These receptors in the brain are dense and are used for the immune system. However, people who are obese have bigger cannabinoid receptors. That is why researchers thought of CBD as an aid in losing weight because it may activate the receptors for weight loss to be easier. CBD also works out other receptors such as serotonin and endocannabinoid.

Reduction Of A Person’s Appetite

As the study suggests, CBD aids in reducing the appetite of a person. Evidence has pointed out that the consumption of products with THC may have caused a feeling of hunger. On the other hand, there is no evidence to show that CBD does the same since it is not the psychoactive part of the plant.

When the THC reaches the cannabinoid receptors, it causes a reaction to release a hormone. This hormone’s effects include a surge in food intake. The researchers noted that the CB1 receptors tend to block this receptor. Moreover, since stimulating the CB2 receptor aids in a reduction of food intake and inflammation, researchers perceived that it might help with weight loss.

Bad Fat Into Good Fat

Researchers also reached this part of their study as they inquire into this oil and weight loss. There was even a claim that CBD turns bad fats into good fats, making it really effective in cutting off calories. Another study taken in 2016 can back this up as it tackles the interaction of it and fats. Since CBD helps in turning bad fats into good fats, researchers concluded that this reaction while burning calories may help in your weight loss journey. As these studies suggest, CBD may be really good in aiding weight loss, but since there is a need for more evidence, more research is needed.

Less Risk Of Metabolic Disorders

Studies mention some metabolic disorders that are associated with obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. As the CB1 receptors continue to work, their overactivation may be the reason for obesity and metabolic risks. Furthermore, an experiment showed that the use of it reduced 25% of the total body mass. It also showed a decline in blood sugar levels and an increase in liver health.

Threat Of Using CBD For Weight Loss

As aforementioned, it may be very helpful in your weight loss journey. Although many unknown risks may show due to the lack of more research and experimentation. It is also not yet FDA-approved for the use of weight loss since there is still a lack of evidence for it to be industrially used.


As it is used in the same way as for insomnia, anxiety, and inflammation, there have also been attempts to use it for weight loss. It is the non-psychoactive part of the plant that has just little effects. Weight loss is a reduction of body mass through medicine, physical activities, or surgical methods. There also are problems when attempting to lose weight, such as nutrient deficiency, slower metabolism, muscle loss, dehydration, or mental health problems. Some may consume medicine that isn’t effective or backed up by research at all.

However, research shows that CBD reduces the appetite of a person, turns bad fat into good fat, and lowers the risk of more complications such as metabolic disorders. All of these claims were concluded through various studies in the past years. Nevertheless, although these claims are gaining attention, more research is still needed to completely back them up. So, if you decide to try it, just be aware of the risks and effects that it may bring.


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