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CBD and Sleep

Benefits of CBD and Sleep

CBD And Sleep: Are They A Good Match?

Sleeping disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, and REM sleep behavior disorder have become more common today. As these cases continue to rise, the mass have started to consider cannabis despite its controversiality. However, does it really help with sleep problems? This article will talk more about this oil and sleep and how they affect each other.


What Is CBD?

It is a shortcut for cannabidiol, which is a compound found in Cannabis plants or hemp. The plant cannabis contains two varieties which are THC and CBD. Furthermore, THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, produces the feeling of being high, while cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive portion of the plant. The compound of this oil doesn’t get you high; that is why some companies decide to produce items such as consumables, gummies, brownies, lotions, oils, etc. Although there is a tiny percentage of the population who may react differently after taking CBD products, it only has a minor effect which is exclusive to those individuals who acquire subsidiary side effects after taking Advil or Tylenol. 


CBD And Sleep: What Does CBD Do To My Body?

It is utilized as an aid for subsiding seizures, anxiety, sleeping problems, and pain. And since CBD doesn’t include the psychoactive portion of the plant, unlike THC, this means that it doesn’t give a euphoric feeling. Here is more about CBD and sleep.


Research On CBD And Sleep

A group of researchers decided to take on the challenge of studying the effects of this oil and sleep. They used cannabidiol, the placebo effect, and nitrazepam together in the same study to produce effects for aiding people who have sleeping disorders like insomnia. The placebo effect has no known effect but is done in order to deceive the brain that it is receiving treatment. Nitrazepam is a drug administered to relieve the patient of anxiety and insomnia.


CBD, The Placebo Effect, And Nitrazepam

An inspection between CBD and Placebo resulted in favor of cannabidiol as consumption of 160mg resulted in a longer sleep duration. Together with the placebo effect, nitrazepam, and respective doses of 40, 80, and 160 milligrams of cannabidiol, it indeed aided these participants to fall asleep better.


Effects Of CBD On Cortisol Levels

Since the cortisol levels or stress of patients with insomnia don’t increase during daytime but rather during nighttime, they often have uncontrolled times of waking up. The researchers took note of this and took in results through the use of CBD oils. Furthermore, they discovered that patients with insomnia who used CBD oils have a decline in the increment of cortisol levels. These were through 300mg or 600mg of CBD oil. The researchers then concluded that the release of cortisol is affected by the presence of CBD, which may be posing as a sedative.  

Another cluster of researchers decided to study CBD and sleep. They have mustered in more than a hundred participants that had a common factor, which is insomnia and anxiety. Their study concluded with the discovery that 25mg was enough for those with anxiety, but those problems or difficulty in sleeping required a higher dose.

Participants Follow-Ups

On the first follow-up, more than half of the population had improvements in their sleeping cycle but ¼ of the participants’ insomnia were augmented but on the second follow-up, those who had improvements lessened and some added up to the latter part of the group. With those results, the researchers said that CBD and sleep was a good combination although it wasn’t good enough for the long run as its effects may not be that significant anymore.


Side Effects Of Taking CBD

Although it may have been effective for a portion of the population, the side effects of its usage cannot be dodged. The researchers also believe that the fatigue and mental sedation that some of the participants experience is due to the dosage they take. Hence, the range of 10-1500 mg of it daily didn’t cause big lethargic effects to the participants.


Is CBD And Sleep A Good Match?

Based on the concluded results of multiple researchers, it does indeed aid people with insomnia or the inability to sleep. In addition, taking cannabidiol is safer because it doesn’t have psychoactive effects, unlike THC. It’s also legal in some states, but make sure to double-check before bringing it over.

Moreover, the majority of the participants with insomnia discovered that CBD intake helped them with their sleep, while some participants’ situation worsened. Some of the side effects included fatigue and mental sedation, but it may be due to the dosage taken or other underlying conditions unrelated to sleep problems. Furthermore, the cortisol levels of people with insomnia also decreased after taking CBD products. 

So the query concludes. Do CBD and sleep go together? Is it a good solution for people with insomnia and anxiety? According to the research, it is indeed an alternative for people with insomnia, although its long-term effects on patients remain undetermined. However, just like any other treatment, some people may not find it as effective as others. Hence, if you want to try it, you should keep in mind that there can still be risks to your health. Also, you must wait because this may need additional research to avoid complications.



If you also have insomnia or other sleeping problems, it is an option you can use in order to regulate your sleep. However, for your safety, you may try to consult your doctor first. Don’t go ahead and buy CBD right away because it might be illegal or inaccessible in your country right now. Although if you decide to try it, you must first check if a third party has already tested it. Since it is also not yet FDA-approved, you have to make sure that no THC compound is found in your product.

In addition, before having a dose of it, be aware of the means to handle yourself before, during, and after to avoid further complications for yourself as well. Since CBD and sleep aren’t that profound for the long run yet, try to minimize your dosages and be careful.


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